What's new in JERA Version 2?

Our development team has redesign the Jeracloud system. The 2.0 system has been designed to be more user friendly, reduce steps and be compatible to all devices. In addition to the key features of JERA 1.0 (patient records, OPD, beauty course management, staff commission, before & after, inventory, reports, etc.), new exciting and useful features have been added. The new features are, for example, inc. and exc. VAT, OPT approval, multi-language support, membership card, gift voucher, face chart, dashboard, etc.

Sync Appointment to Google Calendar

You will never miss an appointment again with our new “Sync to Google Calendar” feature which automatically synchronizes appointments from Jeracloud.com to your Google Calendar.

Electronic Invoices

Send an electronic invoice to patient’s mobile or computer in PDF format. This feature is great for clinics that has online bookings or sell their products/services online.

SMS Recall

The system will automatically send an SMS to remind patients to come back for treatments that need to be performed periodically. Drive more sales and impress the patients that you care.

Commission and Doctor Fee Management

No more late nights calculating and re-checking commissions and doctor fee of your staff. Jeracloud provide you the best-in-class “Commission and Doctor Fee Management System” that can be access anywhere and anytime by you and your staff. The system is extremely flexible and can handle various commission schemes commonly used in aesthetic clinics.

Membership Card and Gift Voucher

In JERA 2.0, we have added two new features, i.e., Membership Card and Gift Voucher (only for Jeracloud's "Premium" package). The membership card system allows customers to collect reward points from their purchase and top-up money into the card. For the gift voucher system, the system can generate voucher codes which can be sell or give away to the customers for them to use as cash voucher or get a free treatment.

Clinic & Product Dashboard

Our comprehensive dashboard provide you with important information and insights which allow you to run your clinic more efficiently and plan you marketing strategy more effectively. Some example of graphs and charts in the dashboard are 3-year sales records, number of customers by hour, top 10 best selling products, top spenders, product sales comparison, etc.

Medical Records on Face Chart

Jeracloud system allows doctors to easily record treatments and diagnosis on the Face Chart. All previous records can be seen on just one page. Doctors can now work more efficiently and effectively with our state-of-the-art Face Chart features.

OTP approval from authorized manager

Sending OTP to authorized manager for an approval of insecured procedure such as over discounted.

Bilingual System

System support many languages such as Thai and English (More languages in the future) to help clinic that have foreigner worker.

New before/after photo recording system

Photo recording system that is easily to use on every devices moreover we have Mobile Application that is available on iOS and Android.

Support on mobile device and tablet more efficiently

Dont worry working on mobile device, JERAcloud is designed to use with mobile device conveniently.

Tax Management

Tax calculating system for different purpose of businesss: non-VAT, VAT-Inclusive or VAT-Exclusive.

Patient Diary

Attaching text, document or picture files into patient record to keep information in various aspects.

Other features

Besides the new update features. We have improved the old features to be more supportive.
History Record
Patient profile, Treatment information and Payment record.
Appointment reminder, Promotion and Thank you messages.
Course Management
Manage patient's course records with course management system that can keep record and share course with other patient - reduce mistakes and human errors.
Real time report which help clinic analyzed sales figure and services.
Payment System
Record patient payment amount and outstanding balance.
Warehouse System
Report low inventory, prevent out of stock items and automatic cut stock.
Medicine Label
Automatically print medicine label sticker with info on it.
Anytime, Anyplace and Anydevices
Manage every details on any devices.

After sale service

JERAcloud with continuously after-sales service for the most efficient use

Online Support

Online Support

After purchase software, if user face any trouble in using our software we have online service to help user solving problems including Hardware promblems.

Online Training

Online Training

After purchase program, we have unlimited online training for the most efficeint use. User can freely pick up learning session with no additional cost.

Software Update

Software is always up to date throughout the lifetime.

For the modernization of the system and customer security, we always update our software to improve our features and add clinic suggestion features without any cost.