What's new in JERA 2.0?

Our development team has redesign the Jeracloud system. The 2.0 system has been designed to be more user friendly, reduce steps and be compatible to all devices. In addition to the key features of JERA 1.0 (patient records, OPD, beauty course management, staff commission, before & after, inventory, reports, etc.), new exciting and useful features have been added. The new features are, for example, inc. and exc. VAT, OPT approval, multi-language support, membership card, gift voucher, face chart, dashboard, etc.
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Quick patient search and register

Record patient data accurately within a second. Wiith an ID card reader, patient data (including picture) from ID card is record automatically into system resulting in less work, more accurate data,and quick service.

Support POS sales and back store system

Support POS (Point of Sale) system for receipt printing, along with back office system releasing marketing report for data analysis to manager, and also highly focus on CRM (customer relationship management) system to increase service level with potentially customer.

Stock system for aesthetic clinic

Full warehouse system starting from releasing PO to supplier, receiving stock, transfering between locations or branches, issueing stock, to printing medicine label.

Work anywhere anytime any device

Dont worry with hardware usable when JERA has designed to be able to use on any mobile devices conveniently and can work on Mac, Linux and Windows systems.

Why choose JERA Cloud?

Design especially for aesthetic clinic

JERAcloud's core system are designed specifically for beaty clinic management. We offer features suchas beauty course (e.g., Botox course, laser course or buffet course) management, VIP card system, Before/After photo gallery, and SMS appointment system.

Continuously update system

To provide you with cutting-edge features and online security, we always update our software to add new features and security patches. We also learn from your suggestion to improve our system.

Security data on world-class cloud storage

Clinic data are stored on the Google Cloud server which is a world-class cloud service provider.

Online support

Our main focus is on after sales services to help you relieve your IT burden. So, if you face any technical problems, you can always rely on our online support team.

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Face chart

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